The Art of Layering: Combining Different Gemstone Necklaces for a Unique Look

Layering necklaces can be tricky. You want your style to look effortless, polished, and uniquely you, and often, that results in the same pieces daily, even when you have a collection of beautiful gemstone pieces waiting to be worn. With a few tips, you can elevate your look, express your personal style, and use more of your beautiful gemstone necklaces by learning the art of layering.

Layering Necklaces

Necklace layering is a technique involving wearing multiple necklaces at one time. Multiple chains may join with a single clasp, or you can create a layered necklace look using various necklaces from your collection. Layering necklaces is a fashion trend that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a way to express your style and creativity, showcasing pieces that have significant meaning while adding flare with various textures and statement pieces.

Choosing Complimentary Gemstone Necklaces

Selecting necklace gemstones for layering starts with choosing complimentary colors to wear together. The simplest way to select complimentary colours is with a colour wheel. The colour wheel is helpful when selecting colour combinations and is often used when working with gemstone jewellery. To find complementary colours on a colour wheel, you simply follow a straight line across the wheel. Colours opposite each other on the wheel pair well together.

Lengths and Proportions

The key to choosing suitable lengths is to select pieces of varying lengths, from chokers to lengthy chains and everywhere in between. Varied lengths create depth and visual interest. When layering gemstone necklaces, the shortest chain is the foundation; working from top to bottom helps you create a cascading effect without obstructing the view of any of your gemstones.

Create a Focal Point

Gemstone pendant necklaces are excellent for creating a focal point for your necklace stack. Select a statement gemstone or pendant as the centrepiece of your necklace layer. Your focal point will draw people in, and the other layers will complement your focal piece.

Mixing Metals & Styles

Mixing metals when wearing jewellery is a fashionable trend today and is perfect for necklace layering. Mixing metals evenly creates a cohesive look, and using a common gemstone adds a stylish flow to your statement of layering necklaces. Mixing styles is a common fashion choice for creating a bold statement, for example, combining a chunky chain with more delicate layers.

Consider Your Neckline

It is important to consider the neckline of your clothing when layering necklaces. Scoop or v-neck tops work best with shorter chains that fall just above the neckline of your top. Crew necks or other higher neckline tops work well with longer necklaces, creating a lengthening effect. Off-the-shoulder or strapless outfits offer more versatility, allowing multiple layers of varying lengths to fill the space.

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