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Our Story

Designed to bring together worlds old and new, Hass Murad’s hand made jewelry collections blend elegant craftsmanship with a storytelling philosophy. Working closely with artisans to mould his vision, Murad blends the imperfect, denuded style of traditional old-world metal casting with modern techniques and aesthetics, making every piece a unique and unreproducible talisman for both men and women.

An unconventional approach to the craft enables Murad and his locally-based artisans to reinvent and reimagine the past, producing narratives in the form of medallions, rings and other accessories. These pieces cry out for stories of their own, created by their wearer and shared together. Specially created using the finest gold, the rich, deep hues of each individual piece suggest an heirloom in the making, something with history bound into its very being.

This contemporary vision is part of Murad’s quest to perpetuate heritage, not allowing the character of the past to fade from memory. With no formal training - merely a desire to tell a story - the result is sophisticated simplicity; unpretentious but remarkable designs with eye-catching impact. Behind every piece is a narrative with deep meaning for Hass, though these stories are left deliberately vague, so that each wearer feels free to write a new and unique tale with their new treasure.

Dear Letterman Jewellery

Image of a woman elegantly wearing Dear Letterman's gold gemstone jewellery, highlighting the intricate design and vibrant colours of the gemstone necklace.
Image of a man stylishly wearing Dear Letterman's silver gemstone jewellery, showcasing the unique design and vibrant colours of the gemstone necklace.
Dear Letterman Amer Sapphire Earrings