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Unlocking the Versatility of Chain Necklaces: Styling Tips for Every Occasion

Unlocking the Versatility of Chain Necklaces: Styling Tips for Every Occasion

Chain necklaces aren’t just extremely diverse. They can be extremely versatile too. Whether you want to show a hint of elegance in your outfit, create a luxurious look, or combine effortless with bold and attention-grabbing, chain necklaces can play a role. It all depends on what you want your look to do.


With so many ways to style with a chain necklace, and so many styles of chain necklaces, your options are virtually limitless. Here are some styling tips for unlocking the versatility of chain necklaces:

Consider the Chain Length

One of the amazing things about chain necklaces is that they can hang so many different lengths and look amazing in so many different configurations. One important thing to think about is the length you’d like your chain to be, based on how you’d like it to fit. These are some of the ways you might consider using your chain length to influence your look:


  • A short length can make a gorgeous choker, which can be a particularly flattering way to accentuate a slim neck.
  • A common length because it looks amazing—just long enough to rest along the collarbone, the princess length is a timeless look.
  • Make a bold statement with a long, flowing, Opera or Rope length chain and show off your styling prowess.


Whether you’re opting for clean, simple, elegant, well-crafted silver chain necklace, or something that’s rich in history and gorgeous in gold, the length that you choose can play along with your outfit and change the way your whole look works.

Think About Your Outfit

One of the amazing things about a chain necklace is that it can work with so many different looks. Whether you’re going for clean, simple, elegant, and refined, or you’re going for a look that evokes feelings of joy and warmth, or even if you’re going for a look that gives off decadence and allure, what you wear your chain necklace with can have as much impression on the look as the necklace itself.


Some things to consider:

  • Think about the cut of your top and how it fits with the chain’s length.
  • To show off the luster of the chain, bright simple colors can make it shine.
  • Think about patterns on your outfit, and how they play with the chain necklace. While patterns can work amazing with a chain necklace, basic colors will let your chain’s design shine.
  • Consider color: silver necklaces can work with nearly any color, and gold chain necklaces can be extremely versatile as well. It can be helpful to think about how the colors are working together.

The Bottom Line

Chain Necklaces can be extremely versatile parts of your collection. In order to let them shine, there are some factors that can be helpful to think about: the material of the chain, the colors you’re wearing, the length of your chain, and more can all have an impact on your overall look. With so many ways to change around your style, chain necklaces give you a ton of options for every occasion.


Whatever you’re looking for, with an amazing collection of chain necklaces, we can help you find an amazing piece. Be sure to check out our selection of gorgeous chain necklaces—versatile pieces that can work with a wide range of outfits and occasions.