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Noor Silver Necklace

Sale price$180.00 AUD
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Dear Letterman Necklace 45cm Noor Silver Necklace
Noor Silver Necklace Sale price$180.00 AUD
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Product Care Guide
Dear Letterman jewellery is hand crafted with high quality materials that require gentle handling. To ensure the longevity of your Dear Letterman piece, we strongly recommend you remove all jewellery prior to sleeping, showering, exercising and swimming. Avoid exposing your Dear Letterman piece while spraying fragrance, applying lotions or other cosmeceutical products, or immersing in salt or fresh water.

We recommend all Dear Letterman jewellery is stored in a dry or cool climate in the packaging provided or any safe jewellery pouch, away from direct sunlight. This will ensure your Dear Letterman does not oxidise or tangle. To prevent your Dear Letterman piece from tarnishing, remove it and gently clean and polish with a cotton ball or a dry soft polishing cloth to remove dust or any dirt. Do not use any abrasive materials or acid solutions
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Noor Sterling Silver Necklace

Just as silver conjures up images from times gone by of glittering coins lying companionably next to gold ingots in a treasure chest, so does the Noor Silver Necklace allow you to imagine you’ve travelled back to a time of romance and opulence.

Silver is Symbolic of Strength and Status

Wearing a silver necklace may symbolise purity and clarity or indicate strength and even position in a community.

As being harder than gold yet softer than copper, silver is a material that is as workable as a piece of gold and very adaptable; it can be melted or hammered or even carefully shaped with pincers and a pair of pliers.

Affordable Yet Valuable

A pure silver necklace such as the Noor Silver Necklace is affordable, but we should not be led by this fact to believe that this metal is less valuable than gold or platinum, for instance. On the contrary, silver has been popular in jewellery-making throughout the ages because of its versatility and association with 'warmth'.

Many people are drawn to sterling silver jewellery as opposed to gold, for instance, because silver is tough and has a clean, pure look. It is also said that gold is associated with the sun, while silver is indicative of blessings from the moon.

Silver Necklaces and the Psychology of Colour

It is believed that deep-thinking people who follow rhythms in the body and who associate things with the moon often prefer to wear silver jewellery too. It is also suggested in the psychology of colour that silver may indicate changes in life where the wearer may enjoy journeying to far-flung or historical places.

The Past and Present of Silver Necklaces

As a metal used by nobles in the past, silver was even more valuable than gold at one time, being used as currency even up to the present time; it is more often than not mixed with a second metal to make it hard enough to retain whichever desired to shape the jewellery artist wishes it to have.

When wearing the Noor Silver Necklace, a person can feel the warmth and comfort emanating from the metal as it is free of nickel and lead and handcrafted from solid sterling silver.

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