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Sabr Silver Necklace

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Dear Letterman Necklace Sabr Silver Pendant
Sabr Silver Necklace Sale price$192.00 AUD
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Product Care Guide
Dear Letterman jewellery is hand crafted with high quality materials that require gentle handling. To ensure the longevity of your Dear Letterman piece, we strongly recommend you remove all jewellery prior to sleeping, showering, exercising and swimming. Avoid exposing your Dear Letterman piece while spraying fragrance, applying lotions or other cosmeceutical products, or immersing in salt or fresh water.

We recommend all Dear Letterman jewellery is stored in a dry or cool climate in the packaging provided or any safe jewellery pouch, away from direct sunlight. This will ensure your Dear Letterman does not oxidise or tangle. To prevent your Dear Letterman piece from tarnishing, remove it and gently clean and polish with a cotton ball or a dry soft polishing cloth to remove dust or any dirt. Do not use any abrasive materials or acid solutions
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Sabr Sterling Silver Necklace

Sabr Sterling Silver Necklace

Life brings so many surprising challenges that we can’t help but react with our emotions. However, there’s virtue in stoicism — the ability to endure hardships and weather difficulties while maintaining composure. You’ll eventually develop an inner peace that even the direst circumstance can’t crack. This character trait is what the Sabr Silver Necklace represents — a rustic yet sublime pendant showcasing tranquillity and resilience.

Sabr Silver Necklace: Peace and Composure Even Under Strong Pressure

It’s easy to succumb to strong emotions and turmoil, giving into our primal instincts when life throws a curveball. However, there’s virtue in being able to stay in control of your emotions. We feel them and let them pass over us, but we never let them take control. This composure allows us to achieve a sense of serenity, one that doesn’t falter easily.

The Sabr Silver Necklace represents this serenity. The pendant features a rough surface, representing our bumpy journey to achieve inner peace. However, the shape flows and ebbs like water that runs deep.

An Exquisite Piece Crafted by Expert Jewelers

Each Sabr Silver Necklace is created by the hands of Dear Letterman’s experienced jewellers. Their skill allows them to craft intentionally flawed yet charming pieces that showcase a person’s inner peace.

The Sabr Silver Necklace is pure 925 sterling silver covered by 24ct gold vermeil — no lead and nickel. Each pendant is carried by a silver necklace available in sizes 45 cm, 50 cm, and 60 cm.

Wear a Symbol of Your Inner Tranquillity Amidst Turmoil

No matter how strong the current, your unwavering composure and solid inner peace will keep you grounded and in control. Wearing the Sabr Silver Necklace symbolises these virtues, serving as a reminder of your gradually wrought patience.

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